Front cover of 'Can I Sniff My Way to Heaven?'
Back cover of 'Can I Sniff My Way to Heaven?'

Wally and Snipey

Wally and Sniper are brothers and the best of friends. They spend their days enjoying all of God's nature, from beautiful flowers to the warm sunshine. This is the story of Wally's search for Heaven and the One who gave him all the things he loves so much. He learns about God's greatest gift, Jesus, and how he can thank God when he is all tucked in bed at night.

Wally and Snipey hugging An inspiring tale for children of all ages

A charming picture book, this short and sweet adventure is perfect for introducing young children to God's gifts to the world. Perfect for bedtime, naptime, or snuggle time, the story of God's love for us set in simple verse will encourage children to thank God for all of their blessings. A timeless story to be enjoyed by all ages from generation to generation.

Photo of Wally and Snipey