Photo of the author and Wally About the author

  • Sandy Loker
  • Sandy Loker resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Loren and dog Wally. She has four grown children, daughters Juli, Erielle and Shayla, and a son Joshua. She also has one granddaughter Amy and one great granddaughter Ava. She is an RN by profession and her passion is hospice. This story came about during her grieving process when Shayla's dog Sniper passed away. Dormant for over two years, she decided it was time to share this story and spread the "Good News" in a childlike world.

Photo of the illustrator About the illustrator

  • Larissa Pryor
  • Larissa Pryor currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and is a clinical application analyst for a hospital corporation. She is the mother of five year old Oliver, three year old Ophelia, and their dog Tobie. After graduation from high school, she enrolled in an art institute in Colorado to become an illustrator. She had to drop out related to medical issues. She met the author through a mutual friend and was excited to join this journey and thus fulfill her lifelong dream also

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